DISC Dimension: Influence

To understand the DISC typology even further descriptions are given for people who score comparatively high and comparatively low on each of the four DISC dimensions.

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Comparatively High

Here are some traits and behaviours that describe people who are comparatively high in Influence:

  • are strongly interested in meeting and being with people.
  • are generally optimistic, outgoing, and socially skilled.
  • are quick at establishing relationships.

Sometimes their concern for people and people's feelings may make them reluctant to disturb a favourable situation or relationship.

Comparatively Low

Here are some traits and behaviours that describe people who are comparatively low in Influence:

  • are usually socially passive.
  • quite frequently have an affinity for things, machinery and equipment.
  • are generally comfortable working alone.
  • frequently have a tendency to be analytical and once they have sorted the facts out they communicate them in a straightforward direct way.
  • tend to take little at face value.

They may well have learned and developed good social skills but they only bring these into play when logic dictates such tactics.

Other DISC Dimensions

Besides Influence, there are three other dimensions within the DISC typology. These are:

Dominance, Steadiness, Compliance

Want to know your DISC type right now? Then enjoy a free DISC personality test or read the article What is DISC? explaining the theory more indepth.